The Year of Jack Bauer.

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to ME.


Irene, it’s not Tuesday, what the heck are you doing?


I turn 24 years old @ 10:23 PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME today.


So, I’m updating my blog today.

year of jack bauer


I’ve never actually seen a full episode of 24, so it’s a bit foolish to structure an entire year of YEAR OF MY LIFE  after it.. but just go with me for a while.


I had been reflecting on the prominent intro and outro of a clock with the seconds ticking… quite loudly.


The week before my birthday, I hint at it incessantly, and blab all the time, TO ANYONE WITH EARS that it's approaching.


But, when the faithful morning comes, I shy away and get awkward about all of the attention.


I boil that down to being why “compliments are awkward” (just wait, that’s a post coming in 2016) instead of reflecting on why I get so *~ weird.


A voice inside my head is usually like, “no one cares that you were born today, stop talking about it, what is wrong with you.”


But -- let’s talk about that little voice for a second. The internal one that points out your flaws and tells you everything about why YOU SUCK.


That voice is really loud. And ignoring it tends to have the same effect of not scratching an itch that you have -- it gets worse.


In the year of Jack Bauer, I’m going to treat that voice like a neighbor that you have to see every day.


Like, what’s up Elaine, how are your kids, blah, blah, blah.

You endure the small talk, so they know that they spoke their piece. But, when you walk away.. leave the conversation there.


That’s an entirely different arc in the year of Jack Bauer.

@@Don’t ignore that voice. If you tune it out too much-- when you make the mistake of “checking in” later on, it’ll be a world of hurt.@@






If you do, remember that you will have another to fix those past moments.

savor your time



In the year of Jack Bauer, let's discuss: what really is “wasting time”?

Typically, when you’re wasting time, it’s because you’re doing something that you don’t want to do at that moment.

But why is that?

Figure out why you’re on Tumblr -- reading about Liam Payne’s new Instagram video, or on Buzzfeed..taking quizzes, instead of writing a report or watching a webinar.

Be reasonable. It’s probably because you’re overwhelmed, not because you’re lazy. (I’m trying to be optimistic, so SHH OKAY)

We aren’t super heroes.

There’s a pile of stuff EVERYONE needs to tackle, and pointing it out tends to exacerbate the situation.


Press Pause.








The most important part of owning who you are now-- is by NOT FORGETTING WHO YOU USED TO BE.

Especially if you weren’t a particularly good person before. Or, at least, compared to now.

That past version of you could have caused a lot of hurt to others.

Other people may *see* who you are now, but -- a majority of the time, now!you looks like it’s wearing a mask of past!you.


If someone is acting like they are reacting to what they’re used to..

DO NOT FAULT THEM FOR THAT.  That’s all on you. You created this expectation, you shouldn't get upset for how others respond.

own you


What you can do is: accept that this behavior is justified, and work on maintaining the person that you are now.

Eventually, when the other people have reflected within themselves and grappled with their struggles, that past!mask will melt away.


Take the strengths you have, and let them be your base.


We’re Jack Bauer. I don't know if I’ll be able to save the world or the government or whatever the heck, but I’m gonna try.


It’s a Monday. (watch this YouTube video -- if you haven’t seen it before, you’re welcome.)


Confused? Have a daily, weekly and monthly goal. Start small.


We can ALL accomplish so much. Ready guys?

I better get some cake today, damn.


Stay sassy,


PS: This advice only applies to those that are 24 and 42. No one else. (JUST KIDDING Y’ALL)