Sassy Spotlight: Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum


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In October, I interviewed Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum, founder of the Black Women's Life Balance and Wellness Conference.


We chatted about her work and what it means for black women to utilize the importance of self-care, and also how to create a "self-care" wellness plan, which is something ANYONE can benefit from.



This was my first interview, so it's a bit clunky in the beginning. My brain moves too fast sometimes -- I find that writing allows me to slow down and get my points across more eloquently, I can delete the "ums, uh's and likes" that infect my speech patterns.


If you have a lunch break, some cleaning or any other spare time this week, turn this on and listen. 

These will go up monthly, so keep an eye out!


I have many fun, inspirational, and unique interviews coming up! Please stay tuned!


Dr. Brooks-Tatum’s Book Rec:

Women Who Run With the Wolves -- Clarissa Pinkola Estés



Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum:

Dr. Shanesha R. F Brooks-Tatum is a self-described warrior for women’s wellness. As Founder and President of the National Annual Black Women’s Life Balance and Wellness Conference, Dr. Brooks-Tatum is also a recent National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow at Emory University and former Visiting Scholar-in-Residence at Agnes Scott College. She is committed to working to provide an open, honest, and intergenerational space for women to learn and share strategies for achieving balance and wellness in all areas of life.

An engaging and thought-provoking speaker, Dr. Shanesha Brooks-Tatum has presented on topics ranging from wellness and life balance to contemporary popular culture, literature, music, and spirituality. Her workshops demystify processes for achieving success and provide audiences with practical, proven strategies for lasting life change.

Dr. Brooks-Tatum not only engages audiences all over the country with her inspiring and polished approach, but she clearly and thoroughly presents practical strategies for personal development, life transformation, and enduring success.

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