Affirmations Are Useful

Hi Gang!

I hope you had a Happy New Year. This is a great time for reflection and goal-setting, so I wanted to go over something that I think could help you.


We’re living life, we’re trying to make ourselves the greatest possible version (..of ourselves) to ever live.

So how do we do that?

Meditation works.

Therapy works.



“You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” 

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are mantras, or sayings that you can repeat to yourself.

Some people have issues with not believing in their self-worth, and down-play their accomplishments.  

Others may also struggle with being good enough.

You have to wonder.. WHO are we focusing so much on? Who are you not good enough for?

If you believe that you aren’t good enough for yourself, why is that?

i am enough



Most of the time the answer is...


Don't fuel yourself on validation from others.


@@Looking for validation isn’t something you can “un-learn” but it is something that you can wean yourself away from doing as frequently.@@

We figure out the answers to the above “who” questions through therapy and reflection.

Affirmations are tools we use to help ourselves realize our worthiness.

As terrible as it is to say, it is dangerous to count on other people to make your life worth living. Do not let anyone else hold the key to your own happiness.

NO one can take care of you better than you can.

But you have to teach yourself how to do that.

Support systems are great. However, you MUST be your base. If you have a weak base, that’s why they support you. They hold you up until you can stand on your own.



Take a couple of minutes to pick or create an affirmation about an issue that you would like to work on.


I still struggle with self-doubt and confidence every single day.

A previous affirmation of mine was “this too shall pass”-- which resonated so much with me that I got it tattoo’ed on my body.  

“This too shall pass” reminds me that nothing lasts forever – the happy moments AND the sad moments. If I feel utterly hopeless, it’s a permanent reminder that even if it doesn’t feel like it, things will be better one day. Which is kind of funny, because a tattoo is forever, unless.. laser removal.


There have been studies that claim that affirmations don’t work.  If your affirmations POP—they should be effective.


Pop? What?





That’s how you’ll find success through affirmations.


Present: Focus on something you are currently dealing with. Your interactions with others and your overall approach to life are two broad picks.

Optimistic: Presumably, we are trying to eradicate negative and stormy feelings. Repetition of an optimistic and positive sentiment will work great, but only if you can make it…

Personal: The more specific you can make your affirmation, the better it is.


“I am improving an aspect of my life” – When?

“Everyday, I am improving an aspect of my life.”  - How?

“Everyday, I am improving an aspect of my life by being open-minded and generous.” GREAT!


pop affirmations


Another is: “I am at my ideal weight because I am happy with how I look, and that’s what matters most.”

My challenge for you—think of an affirmation. And repeat it to yourself whenever you find your mind spiraling down the rabbit hole (I am good enough, there is a reason why I have achieved what I have, I am beautiful and I am worth respect and dignity.)

Do you have any favorite affirmations?

Stay sassy,