9 Podcasts You Should Listen To

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So. Let’s talk podcasts.


9 podcasts you should listen to

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are pre-recorded "niche" audio shows that are published online periodically! There are MILLIONS of podcasts.

So, there’s probably a podcast for anything you think of -- -- it would be difficult to NOT discover one that you’d like!

Podcasts can vary from 10 to 90 minutes (or longer), and cover everything from mythological history, to people reading their old diary entries.


What I love about podcasts:

You can learn more information—I feel like after completing school, many adults stop their efforts at regularly educating themselves.

You can take them anywhere: download onto your phone, or listen through an app!

A majority of them are free. You have no commitment or obligation to continue listening to a show if you don’t want to.

THEY’RE GREAT FOR MULTITASKING! I listen to podcasts when I’m driving, cleaning, or doing reports at work. A lot of the time listening to a new episode makes those boring tasks fly by.

There are several ways you can listen to podcasts-- I usually get mine off Stitcher, iTunes, or SoundCloud.


I wanted to share my list of 9 podcasts that I listen to consistently! The photo links to the episode I recommended! 



The Radio Opera Episode 


This American Life is the longest running podcast/radio show for a reason. Most episodes are quality – but a recent favorite of mine is where they switched things up a little.


 The Secret History of Thoughts

Inivisbilia covers  all the “invisible things” that influence human behavior. The show’s inaugural episode resonated with me a lot, and I think that it covers  intrusive thoughts really well.



V as in Victini

It’s Super Effective is my boyfriend Steve’s  podcast. It’s about Pokemon. 

This episode was one that I guested on a couple of years ago – we saw a Pokemon movie in theaters and then discussed it! 


Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is a game show stylized news program. 

This is great way to catch up on current events if you don’t like to read--- which.. WHAT?! Who even are you??


Not so Black and White

Franchesca Ramsey – probably most known for her “S--t White Girls say to Black Girls” video -- and her husband Patrick host this podcast. What I love about it is that they just seem like your friends that are having a conversation together.

The show makes my ears comfortable.  Also -- their dynamic reminds me of Steve and I!

This particular episode covers the social dynamics of an interracial relationship towards the end, and I love the commentary they offered.





Strangers covers stories of real people and their experiences. That’s the easiest way I can summarize it. I love this episode that discusses if true altruism can be achieved. 



Serial is = one story split into parts.
IF YOU SOMEHOW MISSED THE BOAT ON THIS --   listen to the show’s first season.

The whole thing. Go. 

Then-- you can watch this spoof video that SNL did—it’s spot on. Serial discusses a true story, with real people. Keep that in mind.



Episode 1

On the flip side, Limetown is a FiCTIONAL podcast/radio drama that has a similar format to Serial. It only has a few episodes – check it out.

I’m pretty sure I figured out what’s going on already .... we’ll see if I’m right.



Say No To F—k Boys

The Read is an entertainment podcast that is hosted by two black, gay, Beyonce stans!

 Personally, I don’t follow all of the celebrities that they typically discuss—but the “listener letters” and “the read” segments are always gold.

 Its had some pretty iconic moments – and this episode is one of them. Warning: this episode is NSFW (not safe for work). If you attempt to listen at work, make sure your headphones are plugged in.



I’m always looking for more suggestions, let me know about your favorite podcasts and I’ll include them in the next newsletter!

Stay sassy,